Progress Pics: Why They’re Important

zoolanderProgress pics are an important part of helping you achieve your fitness goals. You can take them whenever you want – I usually try to fit in doing it around the first of every month, just to keep the pictures evenly spaced apart, to better see the progress I`ve made from one month to the next.

Try to remember to take the pictures in the same (or a similar) outfit without a distracting background, so it`s easier to compare them and to focus on what you`re actually trying to focus on, which is the physical change in your body since you started working out. The best idea is to wear a bathing suit for this picture (you may not want to and you may want to delete that picture right away but DON`T!) so you can get the most accurate, full view of your body. If you wear capris or a hoodie, you’re obviously not going to see the major muscle groups you’ve been working so hard on. So while you may not be thrilled about that bikini photo now, think of how awesome you’ll feel when you take the same picture six months from now. If you keep working hard and keep taking care of your body, the changes you see by then will be drastic.

Properly tracking your progress is always important, so you can see how far you`ve come and give yourself more motivation to keep at it, keep working hard and continue to strengthen and grow as a person. You can track as many measurements as you want – and you should – but the saying is true that a picture says a thousand words, and looking at pictures of yourself then and now is one of the best ways to see how far you`ve come. It also helps you figure out which areas you’re doing well on and which you need to work on.

Also remember that scales don`t tell the full story. especially over those first few months. Pictures never lie. You can see almost instant changes when you start working out (along with eating properly, of course) or at least within just a couple of weeks, and you can tell if you`re seeing the changes you want in your body, especially if you have specific problem areas. Even after just a few sets of progress pictures, you will definitely be able to see how your body is transitioning.

It’s definitely a great method of motivation, so you can see how far you’ve come, and have picture proof of the amazing changes you’ve made in your body. When you start to actually see yourself losing that fat, building muscle and getting stronger, I’m telling ya, it’s a pretty incredible feeling.

Remember, you don’t have to show these pictures to anyone else if you don’t feel comfortable. This isn’t about showing off, it’s about showing yourself what you can do, how far you’ve come, and keep yourself motivated to see how far you can go. Even after getting in shape, these aren’t pictures I would just post randomly everywhere. These are pictures for me. And it’s not about vanity, just as I don’t think it is for someone who is truly interested in getting healthy and being fit. Sure, you change your body for the better and look incredible, but what it’s really about is building strength, amazing yourself with what you can do when you put your mind to it, and about transforming yourself into the brightest, most dedicated, amazing, best form of yourself you can be.


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