Keep Going: Don’t Turn a Falter Into a Failure

moveforwardOne of the most difficult parts of getting and staying healthy is keeping up the motivation. Sure it’s easy for the first month of January after making it your New Year’s resolution, or for the couple of months before summer when you decide you want to shape up before hitting the beach to stick to your exercise plan and eat healthy, but what happens after that? Well, what happens after that is up to you and you alone.

It can definitely be hard to stay focused and stay on track, but when it comes to getting rewarded for your efforts, there is nothing in life you will ever reap more benefits for than being healthy. You feel better, look better, feel less stressed and more focused; the list just goes on and on.

One of the most common issues people have when it comes to getting healthy, especially if they are a long way from their goal to start, is giving up after making a mistake. “Well, I missed my Tuesday workout, I may as well just skip the rest of the week and start getting serious on Monday…” or “I went on holiday and didn’t eat healthy for a couple of days, I’ll just start next month and then I’ll really stick to it…” I mean, there are a million and one excuses we can use to validate our behaviour and put off what we should be getting done today. You know I love my quotes, and one of my favourites fits in so perfectly here:

If it is important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

Perfect, right? It’s so true. We are all busy, we all have our own issues, our own things going on in life, things that could prevent us from fitting in time for things we want, but it’s up to us whether we choose to find a way or an excuse.

Just because you give in to that chocolate craving or have a bowl of chips, does that mean you should feel bad and just give it all up? Should you just go back to eating whatever you want without thinking of the consequences of your health, forget about exercise and get back into the worst shape of your life? NO.

Just because you falter, and we all do at times, that does NOT mean you should just give up. If we all gave up when we made a mistake, no one would ever be successful. You think Edison just invented the lightbulb on a whim? Pretty sure that didn’t happen. The most talented people in the world who have come up with some of the most incredible ideas, have all had to try and try again. The question is – will you give up and let this become part of your failures in life, or will you stay motivated, stay determined, keep at it, and let this become part of your successes in life?

Just because you slip up here or there, it’s important to remember that it’s “two steps forward, one step back”, so don’t give up or it’s like taking “two steps forward, one hundred steps back” and that is not the place you want to be.


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