Play the Lottery Another Day: Why Living Healthy is a 100% Guaranteed Win

You may have fun playing the lotto once in a while, but one thing’s for sure – you’re never guaranteed to win. Although that would be nice. The great thing about living a healthy life is that you ARE guaranteed to ALWAYS get results. This isn’t a risk, you know you’re guaranteed to see improvements when you start eating right and getting exercise. No matter who you are or what you do in life, if you take the right steps, you’re going to start seeing changes. Big changes. Here are just a few examples.

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Of course your body is where you will notice the most difference when you start eating clean and being active. Especially with the right workout plan – a combination of intense cardio like High-Intensity Interval Training workouts, along with strength training sessions – even within just a couple of days you will notice a decrease in body fat and increase in muscle mass. That means you’re slimming down and toning up, sculpting your body and getting fit. If you’re eating right and getting exercise, there is absolutely NO way you won’t get results. Maintain a caloric deficit and you will lose weight, with a caloric surplus you will gain weight, and by maintaining your daily calorie intake you will stay at your current weight. It’s really that simple. It’s literally as easy as eating clean, whole foods, maintaining the necessary daily calorie intake, and getting at least an hour of physical activity in through the day. Of course the more seriously you take it, the even better results you will end up with.

Energy Boost

Another almost instantaneous reward you’ll notice is the increased energy you suddenly have. This isn’t just your imagination running wild, either. It’s literally been scientifically proven that within seconds, yes SECONDS, of starting exercise, blood starts pumping through your body at a faster rate and your energy level is boosted not only during the workout, but after as well. This is why I don’t mind getting up at 5am every morning for my kickass cardio workout, because it actually gives me more energy to take on the day, and when I don’t workout is when I feel sluggish and fatigued.

Healthy Hair

Unless you’re rocking the Miley Cyrus-Vin Diesel level of shortness, (in which case it’s probably too short to notice, in case you didn’t get my reference), your hair will look noticeably improved in just a matter of weeks after changing your diet and getting more exercise. Just like your skin, the condition of your hair is majorly dependent on the condition of your inside health. The better you treat your body the more it will show, most certainly in your hair, skin and nails. Your hair will grow faster and look shinier and healthier, even without any of those expensive leave-in treatments you love (but pay a pretty penny for).

More Confidence

Eating healthy and being active is a great way to boost your confidence. You feel better from the inside out. You’re glowing, you feel stronger, more empowered, you have more energy and you’re less fatigued and depressed. You can cope with stress better and you feel happier with life overall. I noticed all of these changes when I started being healthy, and these amazing benefits are what kept me going. And boy, was it worth it. Trust me, if you stick to it, it only gets better as time goes on. There are always going to be stresses in life, things we have to deal with and days when we don’t feel so fantabulous, but being healthy is certainly the best way to boost your confidence and feel better about life.

Improved Health

Last in this list but certainly not of least importance is the improved state of health you attain when you start living a healthy life. By feeding your body with the right foods – whole, fresh foods that fuel your body – and staying active, you gain short- and long-term health benefits. From stress relief and better sleep to helping prevent serious diseases like diabetes and cancer, a healthy life pays off for your body as well as your mind. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure; healthy habits can help combat all these diseases. It can also help you manage any existing health problems you may have, such as metabolic syndrome or arthritis.

You want to try your luck, get a scratch ticket. You want guaranteed results, start living a healthier life today.


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