Take the Leap: Why It’s Never Too Late to Make a Change

possibleYou have one life. Live it.

Take chances, be free, do what you need to do in order to be happy. Don’t say “I can’t do that because I just turned 50”, or “I can’t change jobs now because I just went through four years of school for this”. No matter what, you can always make a change in your life for the better.

We’re all so used to living out perfectly planned lives – waking up at the crack of dawn, getting ready, kissing the kids goodbye and heading off to work. The sad thing is, in most cases this means you dreading waking up, dragging yourself to work, and hating the job you’re at all day. The good news? There’s no reason you can’t change this RIGHT NOW.

It’s so important to be happy. It affects everything you are, everything you do, and everyone around you. There would be so much less negativity and stress in the world if we all just took a minute to figure out what would make us happier, what would make us a better person, what we can do to change the situation we’re in if we need to, and just do it.

This relates to anything in life, from being in a bad relationship, to working at a job you hate, to not accomplishing any of the goals you have in mind and feeling as though your life is just wasting away. It’s important to realize that it is NEVER too late to make a change. You want to climb Mount Everest? Do it. You want to leave your job on Wall Street at the age of 45 to start your own restaurant in your hometown? Go for it. You’ve decided you want to leave law school halfway in and become a teacher instead? Who’s stopping you?

The same goes for being healthy. It doesn’t sound like much compared to a four-year career or climbing the tallest mountain in the world, but in actuality, it really is. Your health is SO important. Without it, you can’t do any of those other things. It doesn’t have to take a health issue or other major problem in your life to make you realize the importance of being healthy. If you do decide to make this important change in your life, don’t be hard on yourself. If you eat a piece of chocolate at night after eating healthy for two weeks, for God’s sake don’t get depressed and feel like you have to start all over. If you miss a workout because you’ve swamped at work and you wanted to take a night off to watch four straight seasons of Friends on Netflix, don’t feel bad about yourself. None of us are “perfect” and “perfect” doesn’t mean never making a mistake.

The point is, regardless of what it’s relating to, your job, your car, your weight – is that you’re trying. That you care enough to make an effort. And guess what? When you put in that effort? You WILL succeed. It may sound cliche, but you can do anything you put your mind to, you really can. You just have to commit to it and tell yourself that you can do it and you’re already halfway there. And the best thing you can put your mind to is something that is going to help you and others be healthy and happy in this life. Of course the further away you are from your goal right now, the more intimidating it feels, the more impossible it seems. But you can’t get where you want to be if you aren’t willing to take that first step. And just think about it – as soon as you take that step, you’re that one step closer to where you want to be. One of my favourite sayings which fits perfectly here (who comes up with these things, they’re genius): “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today”. It’s absolutely true. Time goes by so quickly, and when the year is up, the time has passed anyway but you won’t be any closer to achieving your dreams and goals unless you’re willing to take that first step. It’s really that simple.

If you feel there are things missing in your life, or you’re just not where you want to be, don’t wait to make a change. Do it now. The best way to get started? Take a minute to yourself, sit down, figure out what it is that you want to get out of life. Write it down. Set goals for yourself. Get started on them and make it happen. Figure out what is going to fulfill you, what will make you whole, what it is that’s going to make you get up each morning happy and looking forward to the day. I always appreciated life and had wonderful people in my life, but when I realized how important health and fitness was to me, how much living healthy meant to me and how I could help show others the same, it made all the difference in the world. I knew that all the jobs I had in the past that felt unsatisfying just weren’t for me. This was. Suddenly I felt as though I had a purpose, I had found something I enjoyed so much, something that would never get old and that I would never get sick of, and it was something that was actually helping others, which is what I really want out of life.

Don’t look at others who are “farther ahead” with what you want to do than you are right now and let that get you down, that’s silly. Remember, they had to start somewhere too. You should never be jealous of someone else – if you want something, do it. Who cares if there are a million other people doing it too? If it’s something you’re passionate about and which you know will be fulfilling to you, you can’t use that as a reason to not do it. Look at the health and fitness community – it’s HUGE! But I don’t look at others as competition, I look at them as inspiration. If anything, you should respect those people even more, because they have the same interests as you; you have the same goals and passion and it’s a really cool thing. The key thing – there may be a lot of people doing the same thing, but none of those people are you. There will always be something unique about what you bring to the table compared to others, and that’s what makes the difference. Always follow your dreams, and focus on doing what makes you happy, not what is going to make you the most “successful”.

Life is too short for the “What Ifs”. You want to make a change in your life, do it. Don’t stress, don’t think negatively, don’t hesitate. Just do it. You CAN do it.


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