Why Worrying About Being Beautiful is the Ugliest Thing You Can Do

beautyIt can definitely be difficult to put the idea of worrying about being beautiful out of our heads, when it’s pushed into our faces every day. The problem is, everyone has a different idea of what “beautiful” really is, and that’s the most beautiful thing of all. We should never try to be like someone else. We are all our own person and thank God for that because if not, the world would be a pretty boring place.

Everyone should be able to dress how they want, wear their hair however they want, and express themselves how they want, whether that means by wearing the latest designer clothes, or by getting tattoos or piercings. Judge other people on their personality, not their physical appearance.

Working out and eating nutritious food is a perfect example. Your goal here shouldn’t be to look like the latest model on the cover of Vogue. I don’t eat healthy or get up every morning to workout because I want to fit into a size 0 jeans. I do it because I want to be healthy. I do it because I don’t like the feeling of wasting away in this body I was given. I love feeling strong and energized, caring for my body and treating it how it deserves to be treated.

I, like many others, love watching beauty and how-to videos by some of the best, like Shaaanxo and Lauren Curtis on YouTube, just as a couple of examples. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun and caring about the way you look, playing around with makeup, buying clothes and having your own fashion sense, and of course taking fabulous selfies. Do whatever you want to do, you’re not hurting anyone, and we can all be whatever we want to be. The point is that everyone needs to be their own kind of beautiful, instead of striving to be something they think is expected of them. Just remember that in order to take care of your body, you need to do it from the inside out, so feed your body with nourishing, nutritious foods, stay active to maintain a healthy weight and prevent health-related problems, and be the best person you can be. You can still be a good person and care about your appearance. It’s how you act, how you treat others that is who you actually are as a person.

What I love about training and nutrition is that it gets you to learn how to respect your body. It’s not about being in a beauty pageant, it’s about giving your body what it needs, and taking care of it the best you can. You spend time reading the latest gossip magazines, catching up on the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and checking your timeline on Facebook every two seconds, you can certainly devote the same amount of time and effort toward taking care of the amazing body you’ve been given.

Individuality, self-expression and love. Being kind to others, taking care of the world we live in, loving and respecting ourselves and helping not harming our fellow man. That, in my opinion, is true beauty.


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