Deciding on Dessert – Is it Doable When You’re Eating Clean?

dessertWhen you’re trying to eat clean, there are so many rewards for your “sacrifices”. One of these so-called sacrifices in particular is dessert. When your goal is eating healthy, providing your body with the fuel and nourishment it needs to build and maintain muscle and just feel better in general, the last thing you may want to think about is dessert. Most people just assume there is no way to treat themselves without reversing the effects of their clean eating lifestyle.

This is actually not the case. Not necessarily, anyway. There are a few things to think about here. One, is what exactly you consider as “dessert”. For some people a reasonable dessert would be half of a triple-layer chocolate cake. Although if you’re otherwise eating healthy this is certainly not going to kill you, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not the best idea in the world, especially since your goal is to help your body, not to hurt it.

The other thing to consider is that most everything is ok, when done in moderation. The issue here is, if you gorge yourself on an indulgent, fat-packed dessert even just a few days through the week, your body is going to start craving that every day, maybe even after every single meal. You’re basically training your body to want something sweet on a continuous basis, which really isn’t helpful if you’re trying to eat healthy. This is definitely going to be extremely frustrating and most likely detrimental to your success.

Since I started my clean eating and a fitness-driven lifestyle, I literally don’t crave sweets. If anything, the odd time I may want a little something after a healthy dinner, I would enjoy something that satisfies that sweet tooth but without the gross, sluggish feeling of filling up your body with a ton of added sugars and artificial food dyes. (I wasn’t blessed with this gift, unfortunately; just a few months after I made the switch to eating healthy and started really taking care of my body, I didn’t crave the junk food anymore, my body craved the real, nourishing food it was now used to, and which was making it feel so much better – as we talked about before, it’s all a matter of training your tastebuds just as you train your body with cardio and weights). I prefer foods with naturally occurring sugars, such as those found in most fruits, and some veggies, for instance, which contribute to their sweet taste. You still get the sweetness, without the unnecessary calories. Avocado and banana with honey, a cup of fresh berries with some yogurt, or even a simple apple cut into slices with some almond butter for dipping. For a few more tasty ideas, check out the Desserts section on this site and try some out for yourself.

If you’re generally not a junk-craver, well, then you don’t have to worry about any of this. Even if you are, it’s not hard to learn to eat the right things and replace the bad eating habits with wholesome versions that fit into your healthy lifestyle. The more you take care of your body and live a clean, healthy lifestyle, the less you will find yourself attracted to junk food anyway. After all, you work hard all week keeping yourself in shape and eating all the right things, why would you want to then throw all that hard work and that feeling of accomplishment away by getting a sugar fix in the wrong way?


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