Tip Time: Wash Your Bananas to Prevent Fruit Flies


You should be washing your fruits and veggies just before eating them, but it’s especially important to do so with your bananas and not just right before you eat them, but right when you get them home.

Bananas should be left on the counter (except for those you stock up on in the freezer for those yummy smoothies), but you may find yourself dealing with a mess of fruit flies in just a couple of days.

We all hate those pesky fruit flies, and it seems like they multiply by the second. It can be really hard to deal with them, and as in most cases, prevention is the best step. I heard this tip the other day — I honestly can’t even remember where, I’m pretty sure I was relying on Google as I do so often — to figure out how to get rid of those annoying fruit flies because they were swarming my kitchen. I was reading an article in which the writer offered the idea of washing your bananas as soon as you get them home, so I gave it a try. I rinsed them off well and then dried them completely with a dish towel. They have been out there in all their glory for the past couple of days and … NO fruit flies. Incredible! I now make sure to do the same with my avocadoes and other fruits I leave out on the counter.

I was seriously impressed by how well it works. You still may have a few fruit flies pop up, especially if you’re a fruit lover like myself and always have the counter covered with bananas, avocadoes and other delicious things, but this really helps take care of the big problem. If you still find yourself dealing with the fruit fly problem, there are other helpful tips you can use to free yourself of these little pests forever.


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