Tip Time: Dealing with Fruit Flies

fruitFruit flies love fruit just as much as you do. Although you have to give them props for being healthy, they can be a serious pain in the kitchen and around the house, especially during the warm months of late spring and throughout summer, when they seem to be more prevalent.

Fortunately, there are some really simple steps you can take, so you never have to worry about suffering through a fruit fly takeover in your home.

Use Vinegar

If you have fruit flies in your home, one easy way of stopping the problem is leaving out a small cup or container filled with vinegar. Apple cider vinegar works best, and attracts the flies very effectively. Add a bit of it into an empty dish soap container or wine bottle and leave it out on the counter or in another problem area in your kitchen. This attracts the adult fruit flies and should help significantly with the problem, even within a single day. After a couple of days, replace the vinegar so it’s fresh and repeat this until the pests are gone.

Wash That Fruit

It’s important to clean your fruits and veggies before eating them, but bananas can be particularly bad for causing a fruit fly dilemma. The key is to wash your bananas as soon as you get them home, instead of waiting until right before you eat them. Bananas often sit out on the counter for a week or more, and within just a couple of days you may notice fruit flies flying around near them. Spending a few seconds rinsing and drying your bananas, along with any other fruit you plan to keep out on the counter, is well worth it, to avoid having to deal with those pesky bugs later on.

Keep it Tidy

To prevent fruit flies from becoming a problem in your kitchen, you need to keep it tidy. Avoid leaving dirty dishes around and keep the counters clean and dry. The less food scraps you have sitting around, the fewer fruit flies you’ll have to deal with. Disposing leftover fruits and vegetables right away is especially important, because these are their favourite foods. Composting is the ideal method for dealing with leftover fruit and veggie waste, and can actually decrease your total weekly garbage by 40 percent. Clean thoroughly over counters and other areas to remove any fruit fly eggs, which is especially important when you consider that fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time.

Metal Over Plastic

Using a metal container for collecting kitchen waste is much better than just having a regular garbage bag sitting on the floor. A metal container keeps food waste and other garbage in your kitchen contained, preventing fruit flies from getting in and feeding on the waste with a tight-fitting lid. Also, the metal container won’t hang onto odors like plastics do, which is half the problem.

Change Your Dish Cloth

It’s easy to forget about changing your dish cloth, but it’s really important to do, and will help prevent fruit flies from becoming a problem in your home. Fruit flies can breed on old sponges, mops and dish rags, so don’t leave these lying around. Change your dish cloth at least once every couple of weeks, to avoid contributing to a fruit fly problem and ensure your dishes and counters are being washed with a clean, bacteria-free cloth.

Use these tips to help keep your yummy fruits and vegetables only for yourself and your family, not to pesky fruit flies. Although it may seem hopeless when you find swarms of them in your kitchen, these simple steps will make a huge difference and help you make your kitchen fruit fly free in no time at all. Keep your kitchen clean and not only can you deal with a fruit fly problem now, but you can also prevent it from becoming a problem again in the future.


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